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Keeping Your Nails In Good Condition

You will keep your nails in top shape by following these few simple procedures -  If your nails break often, keep them fairly short.Never use your nails to open tins and other containers with.Do not cut nails with scissors as this tends to weaken them. Use a nail...

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Ingrown Nails

A condition whereby the nail grows into the skin of the toe instead of over it. What to look for pain, swelling, and redness around a toenail, usually the big toe. Ingrown nails usually affect the toenails and can be very painful. People who have curved or thick nails...

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About Your Nails

The nails are produced by living skin cells however the nail itself is dead. The part of the nail you can see is called the nail body and the shape of it is a result of hereditary factors. The bottom of the nail is called the ‘root’ of the nail and is firmly embedded...

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Dry and Chapped Lips

This can result from too much exposure to the sun, dehydration or low sebum oils released into the skin.  You may also be lacking in folic acid and vitamins B2, B6 and B12. You could try and eat more green, leafy vegetables,...

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Bad Breath

Bad breath could be described as an unpleasant odour coming from the mouth region. What to look for a stale, unpleasant odour coming from the mouth.a foul, putrid odour coming through the mouth from the stomach or other internal organs. Bad breath affects most people...

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The Essentials of Hair Care

Caring For Your Hair Good hair care starts with how you treat your hair, body and scalp.   Most hair problems are essentially problems with the scalp which can be affected by the over-production or under-production of oils, dermatitis and infections. Stress...

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Hair… the basics!

There are not many places on our bodies which are not covered by some kind of hair. It is obvious on our scalp, armpits, legs, pubic area, arms and eyebrows, lids, the chest and face (on men).  The Structure The part of the hair we can see is called the shaft....

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Hair Removal

There are places that you just do not want to have hair - your bikini line, under your arms, your lips and other facial areas and legs. Waxing Hot waxing is very popular. Beauticians use hot wax to remove unwanted hairs. The wax is placed on the area with a thick...

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Baldness is the loss of hair anywhere on the body, usually on the scalp region. It is usually hereditary and affects men. However females can be affected by baldness also. What to look for  thinning of hair in general, however, each hair strand becomes thinner...

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Aromatherapy For Hair Care Fact Sheet

Aromatherapy is ideal for use in the hair and can improve the condition of the scalp. Use one of the following blends before you shampoo your hair. Pick the blend which best matches your hair type. Mix the essential oils into a base or carrier oil, then massage the...

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Makeup Tips From The Experts

Make Up Tips To start off Always cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin as described in our section on skin care. Additionally you do need to wear a 15+ sunscreen on top of your moisturiser. You can also buy moisturisers with sunscreen already in them. What you will...

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Learn About Your Skin

About Your Skin The skin is our largest organ and protects us from the elements, shields against injury, yet allows us to move, it also helps regulate our internal temperature. Its Structure The skin is made up of two important parts - the outer section - known as the...

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