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Helpful Skincare Tips

Skincare Tips  1. It is important to get yourself into a regular skincare routine (see our Fact Sheet on daily cleansing).  Our skin is one of our best assets and should be looked after everyday. Your skincare routine need not be a long,...

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Dermatitis is a red and itching inflammation of the skin What to look for  Contact dermatitis (an allergic reaction) (an allergic reaction)  A red rash that is restricted to the area of skin exposed to an irritant. Nummular dermatitis Red, itchy,...

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Corns and Callouses

A corn is a localised area of hard, horny skin which forms as a result of constant rubbing or pressure. A calluses are larger versions. What to look for  Corn an area of hard, thick skin, which may look a yellow colourCorns between the toes can be soft Callus A...

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So you have done the pinch test and yes, there is no getting away from the fact that there are unwanted dimples and bulges on your legs. Cellulite is the culprit for all those lumps and dimples on our thighs, hips, stomach and butts. Well, be assured that this...

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Aromatherapy For Skincare

Aromatherapy offers a natural alternative to commercial skin care products with the added benefit of being relatively inexpensive.  You are able to mix and blend your own selection of essential oils to benefit your skin type perfectly.  For Normal to Dry...

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About AHA’s

Alpha Hydroxy Acids  What does AHA stand for? AHA stands for alpha-hydroxy acid. This substance has exfoliating and skin-softening properties. There are different AHAs, including glycolic acid (found in fruit or sugar can), lactic acid (in milk and molasses)...

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Feet Need Pampering Too

After work your feet may need some extra special care and attention, especially if you have been on them all day.  At night, try to find the time to lie down, raise your feet and relax for a while. This will ease the pressure off them and improves circulation.To...

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A Blister is raised section of skin which is full of a watery substance and is usually caused by aggravated rubbing or burns What to look for one or more bubbles of skin filled with clear fluid, ranging from pinpoint size to more than one-half inch in diameter...

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Athletes Foot

This is a fungal infection, usually between the toes or under the arch of the foot.  What to look for itching and irritation between the toes, this area may peel and crack.rash and redness in this area; dry, flaking skin on the soles of the feet.unpleasant...

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Great Fitness Tips

Here are some suggestions for ways to Get healthy and Get Fit!  But remember, please see your doctor before starting on any fitness regime.  It is vital that you start slowly and work up to your fitness goals. Do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 6...

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Exercise Fact Sheet

Regular exercise is a vital part of any weight-loss program. But not only good for losing weight, it is also necessary to keep your muscles toned and for a good feeling of well-being.  It has been reported that moderate exercise is more healthy for your heart and...

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Looking After Your Breasts

It is important to always look after your breast as they have to last you a lifetime and endure your monthly cycle as well as childbirth, breastfeeding and age. A bra which fits well is imperative. It must support the breasts and not be either too large or too small....

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