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Information Webinars

To assist and aid our customers we are now delivering informative webinars on a wide range of health related topics. Once the webinar is completed we store and save them right here so you can review them, or if you missed the session simply play the recording.

The next Information session is on Sleep Education and scheduled for September 1st  2023 at 12.00 p.m.  Scan the QR Code below to participate on the day.

OR simply CLICK HERE to join the webinar

Preview past Webinars

1 – Travel Tips and Advice Session .. Watch it NOW! 

2 – Diabetes Information Session .. Watch it NOW! 

3 – Blood Pressure Information Session .. Watch it NOW!

4 – Pain Management .. Watch it NOW!

5 – Colds & Flu .. Watch it NOW!

6 – Basic First Aid .. Watch it NOW!

7 – Sleep Education .. Watch it now


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