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Quite a high percentage of early pregnancies miscarry.  

It can occur when you do not realize it – you may think your period was abnormally heavy. 

This is often nature’s way of rejecting an embryo that is abnormal or malformed. Miscarriages are often known as spontaneous abortions and people in medical occupations often use the words interchangeably. 

Miscarriages in the first 28 days of pregnancy are often caused by a hormonal imbalance. The body does not produce enough of the hormone which will sustain the pregnancy throughout the term. Instead it goes through it’s normal hormonal changes had you not been pregnant. This results in a partial period. You may experience either a heavy or light period, back ache or an ache around the womb area. 

Miscarriages can also result from genetic abnormalities in the embryo. The embryo in this case cannot survive and is aborted. The abnormality may have been the result of an abnormality in the egg or the sperm. 

Another reason for miscarriage is a week or abnormal cervix. The cervix may not be able to support the pregnant uterus. The cervix is then described as incompetent. 

Miscarriages can occur if the mother is suffering from certain illnesses or severe malnutrition. 

Signs of miscarriage

  • bleeding from the vagina – the blood may be brighter than normal or a rusty colour.
  • pain
  • contractions of the uterus may start – to rid the body of the embryo

You will need to go to bed immediately and call your doctor. You may also have to go to hospital for observation. 

If the bleeding stops, you may still be able to proceed with the pregnancy but if your cervix has dilated, miscarriage will happen.

If the fetus and placenta are completely expelled from your body, you have had what the medical profession call a complete abortion. If they have not removed themselves, you will need to undergo a D & C (Dilatation and Curettage).

In either case your doctor will need to examine you immediately

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