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General Introduction

A German scientist first demonstrated that homeopathy could be used as a natural method of therapy in 1806. It was found that a substance that produced symptoms of illness in a healthy individual could also produce curative effects in a sick person. He stated that what a substance can cause, it can cure.

He found that the closer the similarity between the physical symptoms of the remedy and the drug picture (the symptoms that the drug produces in a healthy person), the better the healing effect. 

When given the right remedy, the vital force within the person was restored. When sick, this vital force becomes temporarily unsound by the illness, by introducing a similar affliction to the body, it is able to return to a normal healthy state. 

This German scientist experimented with many substances to try to remove their patient’s symptoms. When experimenting, he diluted the substance and found the effect was more potent and helped the body restore its vital force more efficiently. If it doesn’t, then a new substance or remedy is tried. 

The homeopath will examine the patient thoroughly by discussing all the person’s symptoms until the right remedy is pinpointed.

Homeopathic remedies are generally side-effect free.

How are homoeopathic remedies made?

Homoeopathic remedies are generally made on natural substances – common plants and seeds, common metals and their salts.

All homoeopathic remedies are dissolved into an alcoholic solution called a “mother tincture”. By being diluted, the toxic side effects are destroyed. They are diluted until there is only one drop of the active ingredient in every 100 parts of the remedy. The remedy is then shaken to distribute the therapeutic effect. 

The typical potency strength is 6c and 30c. This means that the original mother tincture has been diluted by a factor f one part in 100 and this process of dilution s then repeated 6 or 30 separate times. 

How should these remedies be taken?

The remedies should be sucked around in the mouth, not swallowed and gulped down. The remedies can be placed under or on top of the tongue. It is wise not to take any caffeine drinks or food, codeine, peppermint are avoided while taking homoeopathic remedies. 

You can take herbal teas that have no peppermint in them and plain filtered water at this time. These substances disturb the effectiveness of the homoeopathic remedies. Ideally, you should not have anything to drink or eat 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after a remedy is taken.

But couldn’t these remedies be dangerous?

It is vital to point out that although some remedies originally come from a poisonous plant, the homoeopathic remedy, prepared by extreme dilution methods, has no molecules of the original substance left in the final preparation. The remedy still has a therapeutic effect and is totally safe to take.  

Professional advice is required for each particular ailment and for dosages.

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