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Feet Need Pampering Too

After work your feet may need some extra special care and attention, especially if you have been on them all day.  At night, try to find the time to lie down, raise your feet and relax for a while. This will ease the pressure off them and improves circulation.To...


A Blister is raised section of skin which is full of a watery substance and is usually caused by aggravated rubbing or burns What to look for one or more bubbles of skin filled with clear fluid, ranging from pinpoint size to more than one-half inch in diameter...

Athletes Foot

This is a fungal infection, usually between the toes or under the arch of the foot.  What to look for itching and irritation between the toes, this area may peel and crack.rash and redness in this area; dry, flaking skin on the soles of the feet.unpleasant...
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