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Regular exercise is a vital part of any weight-loss program. But not only good for losing weight, it is also necessary to keep your muscles toned and for a good feeling of well-being. 

It has been reported that moderate exercise is more healthy for your heart and body than vigorous activity. Moderate exercise which is regular, such as cycling, walking and gardening can actually reduce the risk of heart attack in susceptible people. So you do not have to punish yourself with exercise. However, even with lower impact workouts, if you haven’t exercised much before introduce it gradually into your life until you are doing some form of exercise nearly every day. 

How Much Exercise

You should aim for between half and hour to an hour of exercise six days per week. You may need to work up to this level but you can use this as a guide. Start out going for about 20 minutes three times per week and gradually build up to 60 minutes six times per week. 

REMEMBER – if you haven’t exercised for a while, or if you have any medical conditions, you should see your doctor before starting any exercise program.

What Exercise is Best

To burn fat, you need to be doing aerobic exercise. It doesn’t matter what type you do as long as you enjoy it and it does not cause you body any discomfort. You do not necessarily need to join gyms, purchase expensive equipment or buy special gear.

Before You Start…

  • Get a medical check up and have your blood pressure checked.
  • Stop any exercise if you are feeling feint or dizzy.
  • If exercising inside, do it in a well ventilated area and drink plenty of water if doing aerobic work.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Invest in a supportive pair of fitness shoes.


This is the best exercise for all types fitness levels. You just need to get yourself some good fitness shoes and start. You could even go for a drive and stop the car somewhere which appeals to you. But remember to get yourself into a routine and do it regularly.

Keep your posture upright, your back straight, your head held high (but be careful not to trip over anything!) and abs should be held in tight. Take smooth even strides and swing your arms as well to tone these areas. Being a little puffed is ok, but if you are totally breathless, slow down. 


This gives your lungs and heart a good workout and also tones your lower body. This is not an exercise to start with if it has been years since you have done anything physical. Jogging can also place a great deal of stress on your lower legs if you do not have a very supportive running shoe. If you are weak in these areas, do not jog. Always do a warm up by walking briskly. Increase your speed gradually.

Bikeriding – Stationary

This is great for your body and allows you to watch t.v or read while you are exercising. Be certain that the seat is adjusted for you. Warm up on the bike for five minutes, gradually building up to a faster pace. Keep your back straight. This is great for your bottom and legs.


If you love the water, swimming is a great way to get fit and your body will love you for it. The entire body is supported by the water so you will not be placing any strain on it at all. You need to do it continuously for the time you have allowed yourself and reasonably briskly. Freestyle is a good stroke for an all over body workout. 


This is a great all round workout and is a good excuse for a social get together with someone. You need strong legs to move around the court at speed, and some power in your arms to hit the ball. You may need lessons if you are new to this.

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