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A common mild viral infection which occurs mainly in children.

What to look for

A child with German measles may not look or act sick, but symptoms may include: 

  • swollen glands.
  • rash on the face and the neck; it spreads to the trunk and limbs
  • loss of appetite, irritability, loss of interest in personal care. 
  • in an older child or teenager, joint pain and nerves may be affected. 

A rash appears in only about half the cases of German measles and does not last for long. 

German measles, is a mild illness and does not usually cause many annoying or painful symptoms for your child.

People who have had German measles once develop a lifetime immunity. 

However, the virus can be extremely damaging to a foetus developing within the mother’s womb. It causes birth defects and serious abnormalities if the mother catches it during the first few months of pregnancy. 


German measles is caused by a virus found in the nose and throat of a patient. It is passed from person to person by the tiny droplets in the air breathed out. As well as this it is transmitted from a pregnant mother to her developing baby through the bloodstream via the placenta.

Traditional Treatment

Your child should stay at home while sick or up to a week after any rash disappears. 

No medical treatment of a child with German measles is required. If you are pregnant and are exposed to rubella, you should contact your Doctor immediately

Alternative/Natural Treatments

Immunisation will prevent this disease and also prevent it being passed onto pregnant mothers.

Homoeopathy – Always consult a Professional for appropriate dosages and remedies for children. Always consult a Professional for appropriate dosages and remedies for children. 

BelladonnaPulsatilla, and Phytolacca are three remedies often prescribed; the choice depends on your child’s symptoms and temperament. 


Immunisation of children as a protection to others is strongly recommended by most Healthcare practitioners, but be aware that vaccination does not always provide lifetime immunity. 

Pregnancy Concerns

If you are pregnant, are not sure of your immunity to rubella, and suspect you have been exposed, contact your doctor immediately, because the virus can pass to your unborn child. 

When to seek further professional advice 

  • you are pregnant and you think you have been exposed to German measles – call your doctor immediately.
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