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(Hydrastis canadensis)


This is a great herb to treat a variety of ailments. It was originally discovered and used by the American Indians as a medicine. It has anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and anti-cancer properties. 

It assists the body cope with many disease causing organisms. It actually prevents bacteria entering your body’s cells and helps stimulate your immune system. Also good for respiratory and skin infections.

Goldenseal also aids digestion by promoting the production of saliva, bile, and other digestive enzymes. 

How It May Benefit You

  • infectious diarrhoea
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • colitis
  • ulcers
  • gastritis
  • gallstones
  • jaundice
  • sinusitis
  • laryngitis, sore throat
  • infected gums
  • ear infections,
  • vaginal yeast infections.  

Use externally for – 

  • eczema
  • ringworm
  • contact dermatitis
  • athlete’s foot
  • impetigo


In high doses, goldenseal can irritate the skin, mouth, throat, and vagina. It may also cause nausea and diarrhoea. If any of these develop, stop taking straight away.

Do not use if you are pregnant.

Do not use goldenseal if you have had heart disease, diabetes, glaucoma, a stroke, or high blood pressure. 

Do not give to children under two.

WARNING:    Herbs should only be used under the supervision of an experienced herbalist or naturopath experienced in herbs.

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