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(Ignatia amara)

This plant has beans which are often named St. Ignatius bean. Small doses of the seed can produce unpleasant symptoms of poisoning and large doses can be fatal. 

Homoeopaths may prescribe Ignatia for ailments that have symptoms similar to those associated with mild poisoning. 

For the Homoeopathic preparation, the seeds are ground to a powder, then mixed with alcohol. Then the mixture is diluted until it becomes non-toxic. 

Ignatia was made as a remedy by recognizing the reactions of healthy individuals to undiluted doses. The changes in the individuals were recorded. 

When a Homoeopath sees a patient with a set of similar symptoms to the recorded ones induced by sulphur, they then prescribe it in an extremely dilute form. In a highly diluted dosage, Sulphur can eliminate the symptoms that it creates when it is at full strength. 

This Homoeopathic Remedy May Aid

  • anxiety
  • dry, tickling coughs
  • a sore throat that feels like there is a lump in it
  • painful tension headaches
  • indigestion
  • insomnia
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • painful haemorrhoids
  • effects of grief, shock, disappointment, or depression.


Ignatia is available over the counter.

Professional advice is required for each particular ailment and for dosages.

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