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Kali Bichromicum is a chemical compound that may be derived from chromium iron ore or by another process. Kali Bichromicum is a highly caustic and powerful poison and is mainly utilised in textile dyeing, wood staining, and is also in electric batteries. 

Homoeopaths believe Kali Bichromicum is best used for conditions that have symptoms of localised pain. 

For Homoeopathic use, this caustic chemical, also called Kali Bi, is diluted to non toxic levels.

Like most Homoeopathic prescriptions, Kali Bi was made as a remedy by recognizing the reactions of healthy individuals to undiluted doses. The changes in the individuals were recorded. 

When a Homoeopath sees a patient with a set of similar symptoms to the recorded ones induced by Kali Bi, they then prescribe it in an extremely dilute form. In a highly diluted dosage, Kali Bi can eliminate the symptoms that it creates when it is at full strength. 

This Homoeopathic Remedy May Aid 

  • acute bronchitis, 
  • mucusy colds coupled with a heavy cough, 
  • croup, 
  • sinusitis and resulting headaches, 
  • indigestion, 
  • pains in the joints. 


Kali Bichromicum is available over the counter.

Professional advice is required for each particular ailment and for dosages.

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