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(Lobelia inflata)


This herb can be very toxic and its effect is similar to that of nicotine. It has often been used as a substitute for people trying to give up smoking. Lobelia is quite often used for respiratory problems as well as external conditions. The seeds of the plant are the most potent, however, the whole plant can be used. 

It is often helpful for people who suffer from asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and whooping cough as it breaks up the mucus in the lungs. Lobelia can also be used to treat skin injuries, fungus infections, and muscle sprains. 

How It May Benefit You 

Take internally for: 

  • pneumonia, 
  • asthma, 
  • bronchitis, 
  • smoking and 
  • other respiratory problems.

Apply externally for: 

  • bruises, 
  • insect bites, 
  • poison ivy, 
  • fungus infections including ringworm, 
  • sprains. 


Symptoms of toxic doses of lobelia include vomiting, nausea, excessive salivation, diarrhoea, hearing and vision problems, weakness, and mental confusion. 

If not treated promptly, acute cases of poisoning can bring on respiratory failure and even death. Call for help immediately.

Only use the recommended doses.

WARNING:    Herbs should only be used under the supervision of an experienced herbalist or naturopath experienced in herbs.


Available in dried bulk, capsules, and tinctures.

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