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(Salvia officinalis)


Sage has a many uses both culinary and medicinal. It contains an oil that reduces perspiration, it relieves sore throats and gums, cleanse wounds and aid digestion.

How It May Benefit You

Take internally for: 

  • indigestion, 
  • gas, 
  • nausea, 
  • and to stem lactation or reduce the night sweats of menopause. 

Use as a mouthwash or gargle for: 

  • mouth and throat infections, 
  • inflammations, and ulcers, including canker sores,
  • bleeding gums, 
  • sore throats, 
  • and tonsillitis.

Apply externally for: 

  • bacterial infections in wounds; insect bites.


Drinking the tea may inflame the lips and mouth lining. Sage contains the toxic chemical which can lead to convulsions if taken in high doses. However, the heat of cooking or preparing an infusion reduces toxicity. Sage oil should not be consumed.

Sage is best avoided by persons with epilepsy or who are pregnant.


Available as tinctures, prepared tea, or dried or fresh leaves.

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