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These are tiny mites living on the skin, which feed off dead skin cells.

What to look for 

When the female mite start to breed, the symptoms will be as follows:

  • intensely itchy rash located between the fingers or around the wrists, elbows, navel, nipples, lower abdomen, and genitals. 
  • scabs that tend to form over scratched areas. 

The primary symptom, itchy, red lacerations result when the female mite tunnels into the skin and deposits eggs and faeces. Environments such as nursing homes and childcare centres provide perfect breeding grounds for the mite, which needs a human host to survive. 


Scabies mites are very difficult to get rid of once they infest you. They transfer to other people via close personal contact. You will not usually get these mites from your dog or cat. The symptoms usually appear two weeks after infestation and are your body’s reaction to the mites. 

Always see your doctor for an accurate diagnosis, as you may not receive the tell-tale red lines. 

Traditional Treatments 

Treatment is usually a simple case of applying the lotion which your doctor recommends to you. Anybody you have been in contact with should also be treated at the same time. The whole household will have to be treated. The mites can live on any surface for about 3 days, therefore all areas and surfaces must be vacuumed and cleaned thoroughly. The mites can also live in toys and books etc. 

Alternative/Natural Treatments

There are particular herbs that are useful for relieving the itching and redness. 

Herbal Therapies  –  Application of tea tree oil diluted in a calendula carrier oil will often rid this ailment.Application of tea tree oil diluted in a calendula carrier oil will often rid this ailment.

Personal Care  –  Rubbing lavender oil into your sores can also help relieve itching. Rubbing lavender oil into your sores can also help relieve itching.


The best way to prevent getting scabies is to avoid contact with the mite. If you contract the parasite, take basic steps to avoid reinfection and infecting others: 

  • Apply a over-the-counter from the neck down and leave it on for at least eight hours.
  • Wash all linens, towels, and clothes in hot water; store stuffed animals and other hard-to-wash items in bags for at least a week. 

When to seek further professional advice

  • you suspect you have scabies.
  • your lesions appear to ooze or show other signs of infection
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