Tips For Great Hair - Welcome to The Friendlies Discount Pharmacy
  • Have regular haircuts to keep your hair in great condition and style.
  • Condition your hair regularly and once per week give it an intensive treatment – these are available from your local pharmacy.
  • Do not blow dry your hair if it is ringing wet as this can cause too much damage.
  • Use products which protect your hair before blow drying.
  • Don’t brush wet hair
  • If you colour your own hair, always do a patch test before applying the colour all over.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the advice of a hairdresser or one of the trained professionals at our pharmacy before applying a colour yourself
  • Don’t choose a colour too much darker than your natural colour as you can always go darker later on. Do it gradually.
  • If your hair is in poor condition, do not colour it. Ask our advice.
  • Products to have on hand at home are – mousse, hairdryer, hairspray and velcro rollers.
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