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Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection affecting any organ through the lymph nodes and bloodstream.

What to look for 

  • a mild cough. 
  • fatigue and loss of weight.
  • a bloody cough. 
  • fever and night sweats. 
  • pain in the chest, back, or kidneys. 

Tuberculosis is usually found in the lungs.

The bacteria present will eat away at the tissue of infected organs and this can be fatal. If you receive proper care and treatment the organisms can lay dormant forever. 

The disease is contagious but not to the extent that colds and flu are. You have to be in close personal contact with the organisms over a period of time to catch the disease and even then you may not come down with any symptoms. The infection could be dormant. It is still wise to receive medical attention as the disease can become active eventually. treatment. 

If you have TB (in its active or dormant state) you must seek conventional medical treatment. 


Tuberculosis is generally caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. 

You may have no symptoms if you are infected with TB.

Traditional Treatment 

Usually antibiotics are the standard drug used in the treatment of tuberculosis. 

Alternative/Natural Treatments

If you have TB, you must go to a doctor. Alternative therapies may help alleviate some symptoms of the disease, but they cannot replace medical treatment. 

Herbal Therapies – Echinacea or Pau d’arco may be recommended. Echinacea or Pau d’arco may be recommended. 

Dietary Considerations 

A good balanced diet may help you build strength to avoid this disease. 

When to seek further professional advice 

  • you exhibit any of the symptoms listed in the description section.
  • you have been exposed to someone with active tuberculosis.
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