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Recommended Dietary Intakes 
Men – 10 mg alpha TE
Women – 7 mg alpha TE

 This Vitamin Is Essential For

  • immune system, endocrine system, and sex glands. 
  • antioxidant, it may prevent cancer and heart disease.
  • atherosclerosis and improves circulation.
  • accelerates wound healing. 
  • protects lung tissue from inhaled pollutants.
  • may reduce risk for heart disease.
  • and may prevent premature skin aging and helps reduce scar tissue.
  • cataracts.
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • leg cramps.
  • nervous system
  • skin and hair.


Cold pressed vegetable oils, nuts, dark-green leafy vegetables, organic meats, seafood, eggs, and avocados. 


This is a fat soluble vitamin and it acts as an antioxidant. Supplements should not be taken with any anticoagulant medication. If you have diabetes, rheumatic heart disease or an overactive thyroid condition do not take supplements of this vitamin. 

People with candida may benefit from vitamin E. 

Deficiencies Can Cause…

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