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What to look for 

  • a whistling sound and laboured breathing. 

Wheezing usually occurs in hayfever sufferers, respiratory infectionsbronchitis or emphysema and asthma. Less commonly people who suffer cystic fibrosis will wheeze. You should see a regular doctor if you suffer from wheezing.


If you are breathing through bronchial passages that are narrow or constricted due to a build up of mucus, you may experience difficulties and are likely to make whistling sounds which are a characteristic of wheezing. Because you are having difficulties in breathing, you may become worried and this makes your breathing worse.

Traditional Treatment 

You must see a conventional medical doctor to determine the cause of your wheezing and receive treatment for it. 

Alternative/Natural Treatments

Many natural complementary therapies for asthma may be effective for wheezing. Chinese medicine, reflexology, and herbal therapies are all reputed to help this condition. Talk to us for assistance.

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When to seek further professional advice 

  • wheezing is accompanied by a fever 
  • breathing is so difficult that you feel that you are suffocating.
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